About Tablas Island

Romblon, Philippines
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The Island Life
It is always a dream come true living in a tropical place like Tablas. Enjoy the good climate, fresh air, organic food, and amazing outdoor activites.
The Warm Welcome
Living a simple life cultivates a healthy personality and a happier way of living - a trait the locals of Tablas share. Come and join our happy community!
A Rising Economy
Tablas’ abundance of nature’s gifts is one of the factors why the island is a place for a potential source of agricul- ture, minerals, and so much more.

Healy4Life Health + Wellness Center

For a better you
Health is priceless - illness costs a lot more! What does the best information cost? Just a little time. We have supplemented our health concept with effective substances, to strengthen the immune system with one of the smallest AI-operated-Quantum wearable in the world - HEALY.
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We are measuring all main systems of regulation, providing an overview of your self-healing power and optimizing all therapeutic measures. We use specially-designed algorithms like RR-wave frequency, biometric data, and many more.
We utilize internationally-accepted techniques to achieve self-healing and to maintain the normal state of the body. We offer diverse line of procedures from boosting your immune system to enhancing your own breathing process.
Would you want to go for a more holistic approach to the law of abundance, like health, happiness, and a kind of spiritual well-being? In case you can answer the latter with “yes”, the old tradition of “Hatha Yoga” is the answer.

Feel good in Paradise

A resort in Liberty Gardens is a good investment for your future. We offer a house for two starting from 27.900 - Euro! The price includes development and usage of numerous communal facilities.
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Give yourself a favor. Experience the good life here at Liberty Gardens.