Bungalow Type 2

The bungalow type 2 is made of highly durable materials, from the foundation to the roof is all planned by Western standards, this new house will exist 50 years and more. We have developed together with our architects a concept that meet the highest standards, and is still affordable. The 50 m 2 of living space with two bedrooms, a living room, open kitchen, one terrace and a bathroom are well laid out and allows you and our guests an incomparable pleasant stay at the Liberty Gardens.

With our Bungalow type 2 you will receive as an investor a stable value home that requires little caretaking to exist for many years. The house is made of stable concrete elements. The roof is well insulated and ventilated, so that heat stays mostly outside.

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Construction description of the bungalow no. 2

16 and 12mm steel in concrete, deeply anchored about 150 cm as foundations in the ground. In a hillside with further reinforcements and deeper foundations.
Interior walls with Tai beams and massive stone construction, exterior walls of stone, concrete equipment. Very solid and professionally.
High-quality, local custom ceramic tiles in bright colors or white, 40×40 cm, in the bathroom area with non-slip surface. High quality showers and faucets and Toilets. Wall tiles to a height of 1.50 m.
Slip-resistant, bright, typical local ceramic tiles; railing Limitations of bamboo.
Windows, doors:
Aluminum sliding windows, dark anodized with glazed and Mosquito-sliding. Solid wood doors with American Twistlocks, on request with internal glazing.
Customary wood and bamboo furniture as a double bed, side table, a table and two chairs. Shelf and open cabinet for hanging clothing.
High quality, local standards Fittings. Sink and toilet from American Standard or equivalent equipment in white. Shower with water heater. Mirror size approx 90×90 cm. The bedroom is equipped with a fan. Air conditioning optional.
Construction about 90 cm high, 60 cm deep. Sink with faucet and drain-siphon. Gas cooking plant and a refrigerator.

  • Changes are possible after consultation and if necessary extra cost.
  • For this purpose, a quotation, estimate will be created in advance.

The development of LibertyGardens is ongoing.
All amenities are not yet completely finished but will accomplished with the ongoing construction of houses.
Now 2 bungalows and 3 villas are ready. Although finished: Walkways, parking lots for cars and bikes near entrance, Liberty Health & Wellness Center, Yoga house, the common pool and Lounge Bar and Resto Café. „The Healthy Choice“ – restaurant is under construction.